New MagsUp CS:GO team

Thu 9th Jul 2015 - 11:52pm : Gaming : General

MagsUp has picked up Lee$ to be the captain of our CS:GO team. He will be looking for 4 players to join him under MagsUp to play in the ESEA league and go to dreamhack Dallas. follow him on twitter @LogicaLeeS




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  • Fri 22nd Jul 2016 - 8:35am

    My email is 

    If you are intersted or want to know more about us. Just write to me on that email.

  • Fri 22nd Jul 2016 - 8:33am

    Hello MagsUp

    We're a group of guys who playes this competative game called crossfire. it's like csgo. we play cup's and tournaments. We're all active players. When we are not training we stream on twitch or upload videos to youtube. Our youtube has over 1k subs. We are currently working our butt's off to be able to compete in CFS so we can go to china and maybe win the 100.000 dollers. 

    Our Roster are these 5 players.
    Me: Rain
    and Joris

    Hope you're looking for a crossfire team!

    It would be awesome if you could respond :) t. I was not able to find any other way to contact you. Hope you will pick us up!

    - Mads "Rain" Overgaard

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